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nBits is a South African, Johannesburg based software development company. With more than 15 years IT, multimedia and software development experience we aim to deliver cost effective solutions for almost any business requirement.

Our approach to the market is one such that we are developers only. We have no directors, managers, sales, secretarial and other personel. Only developers. You will at all times be in direct contact with the person developing your product. In this approach we can afford to offer huge discounts(up to 60% at times) on software development as there are no middle men. Being in direct contact with the developer means there is less opportunity for miss-communication greatly increasing project delivery time while reducing costs to the client. It is for this reason we can offer the same, if not better quality on your software products at a much cheaper rate.

Though not limited, we specialise in web development, administration portals, mobile friendly websites, database design and maintenance, mobile apps both Android and iOS as well as desktop apps both Windows and iOS.